Essentials of a makeup bag

Essentials of a makeup bag

The importance of a makeup bag should be the same as the makeup that you put in there. If you get yourself a trendy makeup bag, it means that you value what you have stashed in it. Before you buy yourself one, there are number of characteristics that you must look for in the bag before buying it.

It should be roomy

There is no compromise on this one. If it cannot fit all your makeup, it is not worth even a single cent of your hard earned cash. A smaller bag will simply limit what you can carry with you when travelling.

Can carry your handbag

A good makeup bag should be sleek enough to slip in your handbag and manoeuvre with ease. If you have to carry two separate bags on both hands, this it too much luggage to carry. Just drop it and search for a sleeker one.


The makeup bag should be strong enough to withstand your body movement s such as when you are dancing. Test the strap edges to see that they are sturdy. If they are likely to snap anytime you are on the dance floor, the bag is not a good one; don’t buy it.

Should be beautifully

Well, who doesn’t like visually stimulating makeup bag? The bag you shop should be beautiful and appealing to bring attention to yourself.

Helps you organize your stuff

Many compartments may come in handy when you have much stuff and can’t organize them in a neat fashion. The compartments in a good bag will help you put things where they are supposed to be. If there are many pockets, the better, so long as they serve the purpose.

Shape and colour

A good shape and colour is a good investment. Ensure that the shape and colour also complement your makeup.